Friday, 03 April 2015


Press Statement

3 April 2015


GABUNGAN BANTAH GST  is disgusted with the move by the Government in compromising with the telco companies on the 6% GST imposed on pre-paid top-up services. This action by the Government compromising to the big companies clearly shows that the authorities are not in control and not ready to implement GST. 


The Government should have stand firm if they really want to protect the RAKYAT from unscrupulous businesses. Now, who is going to  monitor  whether the telco companies are really providing an increased air time and SMS. Our enforcement is already bad and the larger sector of society who use pre-paid services mainly  the lower income group will definitely be affected. 


The top-up services is an example of how the people are losing out due to GST. There are many other problems too. On the first day itself, many shops including stalls by the roadsides have increased the price of their goods and services because of the price increase in the raw materials even though the raw materials are GST exempted. A cafeteria in a government complex has increased the prices and imposed GST on the food items they are selling. The customers have to pay not only 6% GST but also pay for the price increase. Restaurants selling food are not giving itemised bill but lumping up the total amount of bill and charging GST. Thus the GST exempted food like fruits or rice are also charged GST.


GABUNGAN BANTAH GST believes there are many problems the RAKYAT are facing because of GST. This regressive tax should be abolished. Furthermore , the implementation is bad with decisions changing overnight and to the benefit of the businesses. The coalition calls upon the Government to cancel the implementation of GST and increase the corporate taxes. The Hong Kong Government which practices free market, has called off the implementation of GST in December 2006, after a consultation over a period of nine months from the taxpayers, lawmakers, journalists, politicians and learned that GST would have negative impact on its people.The Malaysian government should also do the same


Abolish GST now. Better late than never.



Nalini M

Media Coordinator

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